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Kelowna Carpentry

Precision and durability: Timberlake Carpentry builds custom solutions for your residential carpentry needs

Tailored Woodwork

Timberlake crafts personalized woodwork, including cabinets and trim, designed to fit the specific needs and style of each client.

Structural Integrity

We build robust framing for homes and businesses, focusing on structural integrity and using modern methods for durability.

Carpentry Solutions

Timberlake delivers end-to-end carpentry services, from design to installation – everything from decks to kitchens.


Carpentry Services for Owners and Contractors

Custom Carpentry and Joinery

Timberlake offers custom carpentry and joinery to fit your specific needs. 

Our team excels in creating everything from detailed trim work to custom cabinets, turning your ideas into reality. 

If you want a new kitchen, staircase, or storage solutions, we’re here to make it happen with skill and attention to detail.

Residential Framing

Strong framing is crucial, and Timberlake delivers. 

We provide solid framing for both homes and businesses, using the latest methods and materials for lasting strength. 

Whether it’s a new build or a renovation, our team ensures your project has a strong foundation.

Comprehensive Carpentry Solutions

Timberlake offers a complete range of carpentry services for both homes and businesses. 

We’re with you from design to installation, covering everything from decks to custom furniture. 

Our goal is to exceed your expectations, offering quality work that turns your space into something special.